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Melodies in D

Melodies in D

Melodies in D is a collection of 30 musical pieces suitable for individual, class or band work for tin whistle, recorder, violin, melodica, chime bars etc (in key D). The repertoire and ability level of the content is suited to the Primary school curriculum.


List of tunes in melodies in D

Pentatonic tunes

  • Here comes a blue bird
  • Capall ag sodar
  • Liza Jane
  • Rocky Mountain
  • South Australia

Tunes of Childhood

  • London Bridge
  • Pop goes the weasel
  • Little Teapot
  • Up and down the ladder
  • What can the matter be?

Songs from around the world

  • Senua de dende – Ghana
  • Cossacks – Russia
  • Advance Australia Fair
  • Szla Dzieweczka – Poland
  • Lotus Blossoms – China

Classical collection

  • Barcorolle
  • Jupiter Theme
  • Weber’s Cradle song
  • Andante Grazioso
  • Smetena Polka
  • Diabelli Andante

Irish tunes

  • Ding Dong Dedero
  • Butcher Boy
  • Irish Lullaby
  • Minstrel Boy
  • Ailiu Eanai
  • Cunnla
  • Cork Hornpipe
  • Lisheen Reel
  • Bridget Cruise




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