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Strum Along

Learn to play the Guitar

Strum Along is a new guitar tutor which was written by Julie Ryng (author of Whistle Along and Melodies in D) and Nina Garvey.


Listen to a sample track,
‘Oh Susanna!’


  • Both are experienced primary school teachers. They have successfully used this method with groups of pupils for many years.
  • Teachers will be able to teach themselves using this method. The teacher may then go on to give guitar classes.
  • All songs are in the key of D (used for tin-whistle and recorder in schools)
  • It uses the vocabulary of the school music curriculum. There is a new song to be learned in each lesson
  • All songs are within a comfortable vocal range for children and adults alike.
  • It incorporates a different style of strumming or finger-picking for each song so that the learner’s experience is broadened and deepened.
CONTENTS: Index of Lessons in Strum Along
Page 1 Foreword
Page 2 About the guitar
Page 3 Naming the strings, Song ‘Four seasons’
Page 4 How to read chords
Page 5 Finding your note, Song ‘Frere Jacques’
Page 6 Three chord trick, Chord A7
Page 7 Chord sequences, Song ‘Hush little baby’
Page 8 Pentatonic music, Accompaniment style for 2/4 rhythm
Page 9 Song ‘Rocky Mountain’
Page 10 Accompaniment style for three beats in a bar
Page 11 Song ‘Clementine’
Page 12 Using a plectrum, Chord G
Page 13 Song ‘Oh Susanna!’
Page 14 The elements of music
Page 15 Song ‘Connemara Cradle Song’
Page 16 Reading Tablature, plucking style accompaniment
Page 17 Song ‘Auld Lang Syne’
Page 18 Chord E, Plucking style for waltz time
Page 19 Song ‘Molly Malone’
Page 20 New Strumming, song ‘Jingle Bells’
Page 21 Tuning the guitar by relative tuning
Page 22 Revision work, changing accompaniment styles
Page 23 Tablature of plucking style for three / four time
Page 24 List of suggested songs suitable for Key D




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